Why do we have to learn to make technology a choice?

Humans have an ingenious ability to invent tools and entertainment. We call them technologies. They are so much a part of our identity that we associate human “progress” with the “advanced” technology of the day. We are, some have said, like fish swimming in an ever cleaner ocean, an ocean of technology. The global spread of COVID-19 and our efforts to combat it illustrate this point.

We have long understood that society is changed by the technologies we use and not always in a way that we like or think is good for us. Today, many wonder whether technology enriches or impoverishes our lives.

Making better use of technology

Computers and related technologies applied to communications, information and entertainment use are at the centre of this concern today, and appropriately so. People try to be honest, fair, generous and hopeful. These behaviours and their underlying value are weakened by our misuse of digital technologies.

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